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Seller Inspection Greater Orlando Area

Why Having a Seller Inspection Is Important

Traditionally, how real estate is sold goes as follows: Houses are put on the market, offers are accepted, and then inspections are performed for Buyers. Upon inspection, deficiencies are discovered and then Buyers and Sellers negotiate repairs. With this process, real estate transactions are negotiated twice, once on the price of the house and once for repairs.  Upon negotiating repairs is when all the anger, anxiety, and frustration with the real estate process takes place. MOREOVER, THIS PROCESS ALWAYS COSTS THE SELLER MONEY. 

In our experience, never in the history of selling houses has a Seller netted more money or sold the house for a higher price, after the Buyer’s inspection is performed. The Buyer will always demand a repair of an item, replacement of an item, or a reduction in price.  AGAIN, THIS PROCESS ALWAYS COSTS THE SELLER MONEY. 

Advantages to American Property Inspection’s Pre-Listing Inspection Program

  • The Seller is in control of the real estate transaction vs the Buyer and can dictate up front what repairs they will make to the house.
  • The Seller has an opportunity to build repair costs into the price of the house.
  • The Seller has an opportunity to shop around and get better repair prices and make their own repairs.
  • The Seller has an opportunity to make their own repairs vs being forced to hire licensed contractors.
  •  American Property Inspections will use the system and will help market the house, capture leads, drive leads to the listing, and drive leads to the Listing Agents website.
  • American Property Inspections offers FREE warranty protection to the Seller.
  • American Property Inspections Pre-Listing Inspection program will give the house a listing advantage.
  • With the system the Seller will receive valuable offers to help offset the cost of the home inspection.
  • With the system the home inspection report can be sold and the money for sold reports goes to the seller.
  • American Property Inspections can connect Sellers with Real Estate Agents who will pay for the Pre-Listing Inspection as a reimbursement at closing.

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What They’re Saying

Inspection and report were timely and thorough. I called the following day to ask questions. The inspector took her time to a answer all my questions in a professional yet personal, friendly manner. I felt 100% confident with the home inspection and moving forward with the purchase after our conversation. Thank you!

Dawn ReneeCustomer

This company completed a very comprehensive home inspection in a timely and professional manner. The report was detailed, covering the property from top to bottom, inside outside, and everything in between. The company provided a written report as well as a video to virtually review the report, explaining what was found. Great service that I would recommend.

Zandra OdumCustomer

My inspector was very friendly and thorough. He recommended an extra service to me and helped me save some money. He talked with me about his findings and was very patient in answering all of my questions. I would definitely use him again and recommend his services.

Debbie FerreeCustomer

We just recently had a home inspection on a home that we are buying. When we arrived at the home, the inspector stopped what he was doing and gave us an update. He was very professional and friendly. He made a point to speak to the Sellers directly and let them know of a major concern that would need to be repaired. We couldn't have asked for better communication. The overall experience made us comfortable about purchasing the home.

Tina SmithCustomer

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