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Real Estate Agent Should Attend Inspection

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Why My Real Estate Agent Should Attend Orlando Home Inspection?

Home inspections provide vital information to future home buyers and to the current owners. The inspector examines the condition of the home that is going to be purchased and reports the findings. The real estate agents for the buyer and seller should always attend. What is found can be detrimental for the sale of the home to move forward.


Understanding the home inspector’s report

The inspector is very precise on the information he or she writes on the report. There is a list of things that must be carefully examined. This provides a snapshot of what condition the home is currently in. Everything from small to large problems that need to be corrected are written down. If negative issues are found after the purchase, that was not included on the report, then financial liability can be the responsibility of the inspector.

Realtors are experienced reading home inspection reports

Everyone wants the sale of the home to happen. However, the report that the inspector writes can keep this from happening. Real estate agents need to be present to listen to what the inspector says during the process. Later, when the report is read by the owner and purchaser, they can clarify any remarks that may be confusing.

Home inspection reports can make or break the sell

Realtors read many inspection reports. They can take the fear out of what is listed. For example, there are four things that should be fixed. The buyer becomes upset that there are this many problems listed. The real estate agent sits down with the buyer and logically explains what all of it means.

Three are minor. One is not. The faucet in the kitchen drips water, a brick is loose on the bottom step and the dishwasher does not work. These are minor low cost repairs. The last one can be a deal breaker. The inspector finds cracks in one room that are significant enough to require an expert to examine the foundation.

Since the realtors were at the home inspection, there is no confusion about the damage that was found. With guidance, the buyer has the option to have an engineer examine the situation so that a decision can be made on whether to go forward with the sell or not. The buyer’s real estate agent can negotiate any costs that will pursue.

Realtors are bystanders during home inspections

Realtors are experts in selling homes, not in inspecting them. Their job during a home inspection is to be quiet and listen for the benefit of the buyer and seller. Later, a confirmation of what was found can be discussed by all parties.

Pointing out visible problems while the inspection is going on can get a realtor into legal difficulty. For example, a few months’ pass and the new homeowner finds more problems. He or she sues the real estate agent for not pointing them out. After all, during the home inspection the realtor was aggressive in showing the inspector existing issues. The new homeowner’s attorney makes sure to discuss this in court.

Buyers and sellers

The home inspection is the time for buyers and sellers to pay close attention to what the inspector says; to ask questions and listen carefully. Let the inspector do what he or she is trained in. Real estate agents that listen and do not interfere with the expertise of the inspector are doing their jobs. They are being strong advocates for the buyer through the entire home buying process.

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American Home Services will be your home buying or selling advocate!  We are committed to providing you with outstanding service. We’re highly experienced and extremely thorough. If you’re looking to buy or sell in the Orlando area, we can help!

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